Continuing with the springtime theme of change and transformation, today is all about the power of making little changes in ourselves and noticing the world around us in a different way.

Change…your view. Use a small mirror placed across the bridge of your nose to see what is happening up above you. With a partner as a guide (linking arms and giving quiet, clear instructions to keep everyone safe). If you can be under the trees, imagine you are a squirrel looking for the best tree to build your drey. Or take a closer look at the clouds and what’s going on overhead above you (not suitable for bright sunshine).
Great for working together, listening carefully, looking with interest from a different perspective.


Change…your walk. Make cards from a selection of … like a spy, like a bee, like a deer, like a police officer, like a monkey, like a pirate, like a dinosaur, like a queen, like a robin, like a ballet dancer, like a spaceman, like a cat. Take turns to move in the way that your card tells you to move and ask others to guess your card.
Great for observing, being active and describing movements in preparation for descriptive writing.

Change…your expression. Explore what happens when you move around showing different facial expressions. How does it make you feel when you are smiling? When someone smiles at you? When you frown or look surprised?
Great for understanding the power of a smile and developing self-awareness.