We’ve spent the weekend remembering to look up at the sky, celebrating the annual awareness day in April, gazing at stars and remembering a favourite campfire song.

We’ve taken a moment to lie back, relax and view the world from a new perspective.
Are the clouds heading in a particular direction, or telling a story with their shapes? How different do they look in changing weather conditions or times of the day.

We’ve viewed the sky from under the branches of a tree, through a cardboard tube and made a frame by placing our fingers together to ‘frame’ the view.
What does it make you think and feel? Does this change depending on the weather?

Not forgetting some night-time star-gazing too, with such bright clear nights and the days short enough to see dark skies before bedtime, it has been perfect for star, planet and meteor-spotting.

The relaxing weekend has reminded us of one of our favourite campfire songs, and started all sorts of conversations about journeys, travel and movement.

Emotions, Holidays, Vacations, Clouds

We’ll go north, we’ll go south,
We’ll go east, we’ll go west
In our green and yellow balloon.

In the sky way up high,
We can float, we can fly
In our green and yellow balloon.

green and yellow notes

This traditional song can be sung as a round or perpetual canon with singers starting at A,B,C or D. Make up a new verse to describe what happens and what can be seen on your own balloon journey.

Enjoy your trip!


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