Making your own orienteering kit uses simple materials from around the house. Challenges can then be set up in any space – along a familiar walk, around the garden or all over the house. You just need a prepared map of the space you are setting up the challenges in.

When you have created the map, a whole collection of orienteering challenges can be set and enjoyed. Take a look at Muddy Maps for map-making activities 

Orienteering activities can include facts and challenges on any topic, from times tables to tree names, code breaking to historical facts, and the retelling of stories from place to place. Leave a question, clue or activity at each marker to be solved. When everyone has completed the challenges, check through to find out how everyone got on – did they find all the markers? did they solve evry question or clue? which was the trickiest?

Marking the maps where clues and questions will be found give opportunity to talk about direction and distance. A used plastic bottle half-filled with sand and numbered with a card makes a good marker for inside or out. They are reusable time and time again for any orienteering challenge. Numbered cards or coloured crayons can be attached, and questions and clues added and changed by tying them on.

When orienteering gets going everyone will want to join in, and anyone can set up the challenge with new questions and the markers placed in new positions, or a whole new map being created. Hours of active learning and multiple skills in one activity.


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