img_3979G is for Games
Get out the cards, the dice and the board games to share together. Teach each other the games you know and make up new ones. Check through the recycling pile for cereal boxes and bottle lids and a new game or two can be created while covering all the skills for the day from measuring squares on the board, writing the rules, developing co-operation and creating artistic decorations across your board. Natural materials make perfectly unique counters and starting materials.

This native American stick game uses twigs wrapped with raffia and walnut shells filled with wax and coloured beads . Roll the walnuts and win sticks according to how many land with the wax facing up and down. Simple changes to other traditional games like mancala and noughts and crosses are a great starting point for creating new games.

H is for a Happiness and health
Keep happiness and health as first priorities, especially when there are other challenges to consider. Relaxation is important every day for everyone (children, teenagers, parents: everyone). Weekend, holiday and downtimes are crucial, whether at home or elsewhere, these times feel different and give brains and bodies time to reboot. Learning time sticks better when we smile, so focussing on the joyful stuff is a win win all round.

I is for Individual
You, your children and your family have their own individual needs, quirks, skills and interests so play to your strengths and enjoy this time when you can follow your own path. There is no right way. Building learning around something you already love, whether it’s ballet, big cats, bridges or bumblebees, provides a motivation where other skills (like reading and writing) can be hidden. Go with what you love and share your enthusiasm.

Next time: Journeys, Kindness, Listening
Louise has taught in classrooms of all shapes and sizes, as a primary school teacher, forest school leader and trainer, outdoor learning consultant and researcher. She writes resources and stories for outdoor and woodland learning adventures using the natural learning ethos

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