Natural learning -following curiosity, connecting with nature, valuing creativity, caring for yourself, for each other and for the world around us.

S is for Story-telling
Stories are the greatest starting point for any learning adventure, and the most important end to a day. Share them, hear them, use them to inspire tomorrow’s activities, act them out, change them, draw them, map them, tell someone else about them, make them up and tell them. Every day. If this is your only achievement today, you will have done a great thing.

Seasonal stories to share on outdoor adventures are suggested at Muddy Tales on the Dragonfly Wood webpage, with more stories being added all the time. Bringing stories alive with outdoor activity keeps the joy of the pages alive for even longer.

97-256Make your own sailing boat by laying rope out in a boat shape, finding sticks for oars and waving a ships flag as you set off on Max’s adventure to Where the Wild Things Are. When you arrive you can dance and rumpus all the way to bedtime! More here from Making Learning Stick.

97-256Harry Potter’s wand is easy to create and offers a chance to look closely and find out about the different trees near you, their characteristics and uses.

97-256The wonderful Pancakes for Findus by Sven Nordqvist will have you whisking batter and lighting the campfire as soon as the last page has been turned.


T is for Thinking time
Thinking time is time well spent and lets new ideas to stick in the mind. Simply daydreaming can be enough for ideas to settle in and new thoughts to pop up unexpectedly.  One of the joys of keeping hands busy with crafts – knitting, colouring, clay modelling – is the space it provides in the mind for new learning to be unravelled, spun and rewound to deepen understanding and memory.

Next time: Understanding, Voice and Wonders

Louise has taught in classrooms of all shapes and sizes, as a primary school teacher, forest school leader and trainer, outdoor learning consultant and researcher. She writes resources and stories for outdoor and woodland learning adventures using the natural learning ethos.


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