Natural learning: following curiosity, connecting with nature, valuing creativity, caring for yourself, for each other and for the world around us. 

U is for Understanding

It is impossible to teach something you do not understand, but it is possible to learn something new together. Asking for help, looking up answers and working as a team are all key skills in learning and are best shared. Working as a team eases the burden and reaps rewards for everyone.

V is for Voice
Talk is the foundation of writing and so if you are putting pen to paper, talk it through first. Sing, talk, discuss, read aloud, debate, deliberate.

97-256Set challenges that involve sharing and communicating; learn and perform a magic trick , design and play a new sport together, teach someone else a craft you know.

97-256Record or video yourself telling a short story and share it with a friend. Ask them to listen once and retell it back to you, looking at what changed and what was remembered. Continuing this with a group can begin a fun version of chinese whispers and an understanding of the ways spoken stories change as they are passed on.

W is for Wonders
Reflecting on the wonders of nature and people gives a positive perspective on the world, to build upon with joy in your heart and a skip in your step. Taking time to appreciate the awe and wonder of seeing something for the first time, opens the door to valuing curiosity, creativity and care in everything.


Next time: X, Yawning and Zzzzzzz

Louise has taught in classrooms of all shapes and sizes, as a primary school teacher, forest school leader and trainer, outdoor learning consultant and researcher. She writes resources and stories for outdoor and woodland learning adventures using the natural learning ethos.



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