Natural learning: following curiosity, connecting with nature, valuing creativity, caring for yourself, for each other and for the world around us.  


Also known as ‘what-not-to-do’.
Avoid getting annoyed, expect learning not to go to plan, step away from frustrating activities and leave them alone. There’s rarely anyone to blame when learning doesn’t happen – it might be the wrong time for this new piece of information, or more time may be needed for the penny to drop – but there is always another way to look at it next time.

Y is for Yawning
When learning is uninspiring, it’s time to turn your attention to something else. Ploughing on through a boring activity is a waste of time for everyone because the learning won’t stick in the mind, which will be drifting off, as minds do, looking for anything more interesting to keep it occupied. Follow that instead.

Z is for Zzzzzzz
Actually drifting off to sleep is over-tiredness rather than boredom, so it’s time to get some rest, or some fresh air if it’s a stuffy yawn (garden air, walking air and opening the window air are all good). Sleep well, eat well, drink water, be safe; these priorities come first. Then share simple and positive learning experiences and you can all sleep soundly knowing the best learning is the small stuff with the happy memories.

An ABC of Learning Naturally:
Active, Balanced, Creative

Discovery, everyone, Flexibility

Games, Happiness, Individual

Journey, Kindness, Listening

Moments, Nature, Opening the window

Play, Questions, Records

Storytelling and Thinking time

Understanding, Voice, Wonders

X, Yawning, Zzzzzzz

Louise has taught in classrooms of all shapes and sizes, as a primary school teacher, forest school leader and trainer, outdoor learning consultant and researcher. She writes resources and stories for outdoor and woodland learning adventures using the natural learning ethos.


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