Wild garlic toast

Wild garlic toast: Delicious wild garlic leaves are gathered, rinsed and snipped, mixed with butter and spread onto bread, ready for toasting over the fire. A delicious speedy snack.


Check you are collecting wild garlic, and not lily of the valley, by smelling the distinctive garlicy leaves. Lily of the valley has similar looking leaves but is poisonous, so be sure. To forage sustainably, take leaves from different plants, leaving plenty for the plants to continue to grow healthily. Seeds can be bought to start your own crop, which grows easily and spreads happily.

Ingredients: wild garlic leaves, butter or margarine, bread.

Tools and utensils: bowl and fork for mixing, scissors for snipping, knife for spreading, toasting rack or campfire grill.

  1. Gently rinse the leaves to remove any dirt or little creatures.
  2. Cut the wild garlic leaves into small pieces.
  3. Mix with the butter or margarine in a mixing bowl.
  4. Cook toast on the campfire.
  5. Spread on the wild garlic butter and heat through.
  6. Enjoy your tasty snack.