gather /găth′ər/
(verb gath·ered, gath·er·ing, gath·ers)
1 bring or come together; assemble or accumulate; take in from
scattered places or sources; acquire by gradually collecting
2 take up from the ground; pick a quantity of; collect as a harvest
3 pull (someone) into one’s arms; draw and hold together
4 infer; understand
5 increase speed, force, etc.; summon up energy, thoughts etc. for
a purpose; gain or recover (one’s breath)

come and sit by the fire

Come and sit by the fire

Come and sit by the fire and I will tell you a story.
You may have heard it before, or parts of it somewhere else,
or it may be as new to you as the dawn.
Come and share the food warming on the embers and sip from a mug of stories
Where wonder chases away a winter chill,
While flames dance and we beat out a rhythm of retellings and reflections.
Come and catch a story blown in by spring’s bluster, entangled on the wild wind
and lost in the air.
Come and quench the thirst of summer with drops of delight
drifting on the settled lake, easing on a rippled river, rocking on raging waves.
Tales picked up from autumn’s scatterings around our feet, where we tread,
gathered and carried on our journey ahead.
Come toast your toes and open your heart to a story,
told for you to know it, and share it,
in your own way one day.
Stories to turn cogs.
Stories to walk step-by-step by.
Stories to apply the brakes and stand still with.
Stories of this moment and in the next, of long ago and in places far away.
Come and sit by the fire and I will tell you a story, take you on a journey, breathe life into words, dive into new imaginings.
And on we will go, gently, together.


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June – Swarm      July – Soak      August – Breathe

September – Balance      October – Harvest      November – Dig

December – Explore      January – Shelter      February – Reflect

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The Dragonfly Wood has been welcoming visitors for natural crafts, forest school training, outdoor learning adventures, family time, rest and relaxation and connecting with nature for nearly ten years. Gather is a celebration and sharing of these experiences and memories through a year of monthly stories, explorations and creations. Gather stories and activities have been created by Louise Graham, inspired by events in the Dragonfly Wood. They may be used to inspire your own creative adventures. Please do not reproduce without consent.