Willow Tit

We are delighted to see willow tits living happily in the Dragonfy Wood, and we are finding out all we can about helping this species which has Red Status following its decline.

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Tree planting

Over the past few years we have planted hundreds of native saplings around the site. This year we have focussed on hazel and elder planting, as these are the woods we use most commonly in our woodworking activities. The willow continues to be coppiced on site and used regularly for natural crafts and campfire cooking. Seed gathering activity takes place every autumn in and around the woodland.


We are delighted to see that allowing the meadow to grow freely, and planting new native species of wildflowers every year has seen more bees visiting out site in the summer months. Every year we hold a Bee Day to celebrate and raise awareness of ways in which we can help, and enjoy some honey-inspired campfire cooking too.


With native bat species roosting on site we are finding out more about how to help these fascinating creatures.  A home-made set of bat boxes are ready to put up in optimum positions around the site.

Toads and frogs

Our native amphibians are currently in decline around the country because of the garden pond going out of fashion. In the Dragonfly Wood this year we have seen more frogs and toads than ever. Perhaps they have been enjoying the damp conditions more than we have.