This Autumn, our theme in the Dragonfly Wood is Gather.
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New Trees
blackberry-2340884_640Blackberry Harvest We can’t keep up with the blackberries all around the woodland this week. Using drinking bottles half filled with water allows children to give the berries a quick wash as they collect them, though with all the rain we’ve had it may not be so necessary! At the campfire our favourites are foil baked apples with blackberry centres, blackberry pancakes and using the cooked berries for tie dye. The tie dye is great for the berries collected close to the roadside that we don’t want to eat, but don’t want to waste.
Blackberry Tie Dye Campfire tie dye is so simple, and requires only a pan, water, blackberries, string or elastice bands and fabric (we use squares of calico or an old white sheet cut into large squares.) Simply warm the berries in the water. We use the ones collected from the roadside that we won’t be eating. Use bands or string to tie onto the fabric in the places you don’t want the blackberry dye to reach. Experiement with different positions for the bands. Put the fabric into the pot – the longer and the more berries, the darker the resulting colour.
When a number of squares of fabric are being dyed together it can be difficult to remember which one belongs to each person. Ask everyone to try to remember the position and colour of elastic bands on their fabric to help sort them out.
Rinse off the blackberry seeds with cold water and peg out to dry, admiring the shapes you made.